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These lashes create a textured layered effect with the length.


  • Style:        3D, Volume, Fluffy, Layered, Glam, Lash Extension
  • Reusable: Upto 40 Times
  • Length:    Medium, 15-18mm
  • Band:       Black, Ultra Flexible
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How To Apply

The strip lash should be aligned to your natural lash line length, the strip lash may need to be trimmed to remove the excess length if needed.

1. Apply our recommended DUO Lash Glue to the strip lash band and wait for 20-25 seconds until the glue becomes tacky.

2. Using a pair of lash tweezers align the strip lash with the centre of your natural lashes.

3. Allow the middle of the strip lash to touch the centre of your eyelid and press down using the tweezer.

4. Using the tweezer push the inner strip lashes down into the inner corner.

5. Using the tweezer push the outer strip lashes down along the outer corners of the eye

6. Allow the lash and the glue to bind and set

7. Using the tweezer lightly press down and ensure the corner of the lash is firmly bonded to the natural lash line.

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Our Empress Lash Shampoo is the PERFECT product to add to your daily beauty routine to remove eyemakeup, maintain and clean natural lashes and strip lashes. Our Lash Shampoo removes the build up of excess oils and helps remove the glue on strip lashes!

This product can be used on lash extensions to help keep them clean.

the perfect product to add to your daily beauty routine